Air Quality

Why is Clean Indoor Air Important??

Answer: Indoor air quality is a concern today, as most newer and existing homes are being made “tighter” to be more energy efficient. Unfortunately, making homes more energy efficient exacts an unexpected price. Indoor air quality may suffer as the exchange of indoor and outdoor air in the past was an average of 6 times per hour and now only 2 to 3 times per hour.

The Four Strategies to Correct Air Pollution:

Eliminate: The first step to better indoor air is to identify the sources of air pollutants and remove as many as possible from your home. You can decrease the amount of dust and dirt in your home by cleaning and vacuuming at least once a week, wash bed linens and stuffed toys regularly.

Ventilate: Today’s modern homes are well-insulated and sealed to conserve energy, which means airborne pollutants have no way to escape. Lennox ventilation systems help remove particles and bioaerosols by exchanging stale, recirculated indoor air with fresh, filtered outside air.

Clean: Although cleaning and ventilating helps reduce indoor pollutants, these simple fixes are not cure-alls. Some contaminants are so small that hey may escape through the vacuum and never land on a surface Lennox air cleaners capture even the smallest of particles and bioaerosols. Lennox germicidal lights kill them.

Monitor: Improper humidity levels and high temperatures can actually increase concentrations of particles and bioaerosols. Lennox humidistats and thermostats regulate moisture levels and temperatures to improve indoor air quality.