4c111af2-b368-43e2-87e2-87022f18530aSummers in Omaha, NE, can feel stiflingly hot, so don’t get caught without a working air conditioner. Controlled Comfort aims for your total comfort year-round, and we’re happy to provide commercial air conditioning repair in Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas.

We have decades of experience to recommend us, and we use our skill and knowledge to provide you with the best commercial A/C repair in the area.

Discover How Our Services Can Benefit You

Not sure if you need commercial cooling repair in Omaha, NE? Take a look at the following signs, and then give us a call when you’re ready to schedule our services:

  • Foul odors. You shouldn’t smell anything while your A/C runs. If you smell musty, electrical, or other pungent smells, call us immediately. We’ll inspect the evaporator condensate pan, ducts, wiring, and insulation and make any repairs needed.
  • Lack of cool air. If your air conditioner emits anything but cold air, give us a call. Even if the air is still cool but not as cold as it once was, we’ll discover the root of the problem and get your air conditioner working properly again.
  • Moisture or leaks. If you notice water pooling around your A/C unit (and the water isn’t running out of the condensate drain line), the appliance is in need of repairs. We’ll clean or replace any parts needed to get your system working properly.
  • Odd noises. The only noise you should hear from your air condition system is a low rumble as the appliance kicks on and the air flows through the ducts. If you hear grating, grinding, or squealing, your cooling unit needs immediate repairs.
  • Poor air flow. Does air barely come through your vents? Do you feel weak breezes blowing through your home instead of strong, cool air? We’ll take a look at the air filter, vents, ducts, and main cooling system to restore air flow.
  • Thermostat issues. Does one area of your commercial property feel too cool and another too hot? A zoning system may help remedy this issue.

When we service your A/C, we work quickly and thoroughly to avoid disrupting your life and to ensure each job is done correctly. By relying on us, you guarantee that your building experiences cool air during the hot months without any more hiccups.

Call us at (402) 333-2775 to schedule a service and fix your commercial cooling system soon.