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When, and if, you decide on purchasing a new system, don’t overlook “after the sale” service. Will the company that installed it be able to service it? Are you buying a brand that only an “authorized dealer” can get parts for? Manufacturer’s popularity vary from city to city – take this into consideration. Buying from someone you trust who has the ability to provide fast, courteous future service is as important as the equipment purchase itself. Call us today, your consultation is free… 402-333-2775

Choose a contractor long before your equipment breaks down. Referrals from someone you know is about the best way to choose a contractor. Flipping through the phone book when you are desperate can be an expensive proposition. Premium prices for generic parts? Most companies with flat rate schedules utilize parts of a lesser quality than those carrying the brand name of major suppliers.

Programmable thermostats are the most accurate, even if you’re not using the program. They have built in time delays which prevent short cycling of the equipment and help lessen the likelihood of people constantly playing with the thermostat. Turning your unit off manually and waiting for your house to get uncomfortably hot or cold before turning it on is harder on your system and will consume more energy trying to recover.

A standard air filter does more to keep the equipment clean than the environment. CHANGE FILTERS OFTEN. Pleated, electrostatic and electronic filters do help with your home environment; however, they need monthly changing and/or cleaning to work at peak efficiency and are only working when your indoor fan is running. If you have an allergy problem, you should look at these filters as well as room air purifiers to decide which is best for you.

A yearly Preventive Maintenance Service on your system is a wise thing to do. Note the words, Preventive Maintenance. When done properly, maintaining your system will save you money on energy bills; but just as importantly, yearly preventive maintenance service will help your system last longer! Dirt is the biggest enemy of mechanical systems. During a Preventive Maintenance Service, certain parts that can cause trouble when dirty, are cleaned to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. Another benefit is that problems can be discovered before serious damage is done and appropriate measures taken before a complete breakdown in the middle of winter or on a hot, humid day.

Cleaning your ducts may be beneficial in some instances; however, you should research the contractor to make sure the job is performed correctly. Please call us today, your consultation is free… 402-333-2775

Carbon monoxide, also known as the silent killer, can pose a serious threat in some instances and is yet another reason to have your heater inspected by someone you trust. A carbon monoxide detector is a wise investment. They have been improved over the last couple of years. Follow the links in the sidebar of our home page for more information.

To exactly size an A/C unit for a specific area requires a heat load calculation which is usually done by a licensed, experienced HVAC contractor qualified to make the analysis.

A quick and easy rule of thumb to use for sizing an air conditioner for a room or house is the square foot method. This formula is used only for a quick approximation and is based on certain guidelines regarding insulation R values, shading, ceiling height, construction materials, windows, doors, purpose of use and occupancy. In layman’s terms, 1-ton of cooling capacity is equal to 12,000 BTU of cooling capacity; and, 400-600 square feet (depending on where you live, insulation and overall home efficiency) of residential living space requires 1-ton of cooling capacity. Call us for your free analysis today at 402-333-2775.

Most importantly, make sure the contractor is licensed. Probably the best way to choose a contractor is to ask someone you know. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, not flashy ads! You should also chose a contractor before you need one, as this will help eliminate the frustration when your system is broken and you don’t know what to do. It may also save you money! Selecting a contractor advertising “Same Day – 24 hour service guaranteed” sometimes comes with a hefty penalty.

There are several reasons … from poor duct design and layout to plugged filters, collapsed ducts and dirty evaporative coils. If the problem has been like this since we moved in, have it checked out during a routine service in the spring or fall when the contractor has more time to do a thorough inspection. Placing an emergency call when its 100° out that requires someone to get in your attic is costly. But, if the loss of air flow is sudden, something has gone wrong with your system and should be checked out soon before more damage occurs.

A clogged drain line may be caused by mud build-up and can usually be flushed out. This should be cleaned during a routine service. Contractors usually use high pressure gas to blow out the drain line; but, you can clean the drain yourself by disconnecting the drain line at the unit and forcing water, from your garden hose, through it. Or, if you have a shop-vac, you can connect it to the drain line where it terminates outside the house.

The most common reason a system will not run is because of a loss of power. Always check for a tripped breaker! Make sure you turn it all the way off by pushing it into the off position so you feel it latch and then turn it back on. If it trips again instantly, call a contractor and have it checked out. DO NOT reset it again.

Typically any contractor can honor the manufacturer’s warranty on equipment even if they didn’t install it. We suggest 2 times per year.

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