Every HVAC company has a product line that they recommend and support. We have researched many products and Daikin is the top of the line in our opinion. Daikin is leaps and bounds ahead of other manufacturers. To start with, this equipment has a standard (6) year unit REPLACEMENT WARRANTY and if you maintain a yearly maintenance contract the unit REPLACEMENT WARRANTY is upgraded to (12) year unit REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. Daikin has a lot of confidence in their units to offer consumers 12 years without parts expense and will replace it if a major part is defective. On top of that Controlled Comfort includes a (12) year labor warranty. Worry free for (12) years!!!! Daikin has developed a cooling unit and a heat pump that has a variable speed inverter compressor. This unit can save 30% in energy consumption. Traditional air conditioners regulate temperature by using a compressor that is periodically either working at maximum capacity or switched off entirely. An inverter is technology that eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners or heat pumps by efficiently controlling the compressor motor speed which regulates the refrigerant flow. Eliminating stop-start cycles increases efficiency. What will they think of next!!!!! For many years the EPA and other agencies have guided our industry to find refrigerants that will not harm the ozone and have an impact on global warming. R-22 is being phased out and R-410A is the refrigerant to use at this time. R-410A is safe for the ozone but still has issues for global warming. Daikin is looking way into the future and has developed a refrigerant R-32 that is ozone safe and has minimal issues with global warming. Daikin launched the world’s first residential-use air conditioner using R-32 refrigerant. These are just a few of the reason we chose Daikin. The confidence they have for their product, energy savings and the concern for the future of our planet.